Dress Safely

The history of the Benetton Group is not only about economic growth and industrial development; social commitment, concern for the environment and ethical conduct are core values of this company, always conscious of the importance and significance of a responsibility that goes beyond its commercial objectives.

The Benetton Group’s strategy of corporate social responsibility prioritizes safety, product quality and a transparency of information for its customers.

The Benetton Group invests in the research and development of innovative tools that insure the safety and quality of garments because it wants to provide an additional guarantee of its products.

The “Dress Safely” project is tasked with reporting, through communication, the dangers of things that are often disregarded, of reassuring and informing about the actions exercised by the company concerning the use of harmful substances in clothing.

Strict control on chemicals over the entire supply chain
Benetton Group firmly believes that customer satisfaction and customer loyalty grow stronger with the guarantee that products are manufactured without the use of toxic chemicals or dangerous materials throughout the production process, from raw materials to the finished products. This is why, every year all suppliers are subjected to rigorous audits to ensure their compliance with national and international legislation prohibiting the use of many substances that are harmful to our health.

A clear commitment to a dialogue with our consumers
Listening to consumers and embracing their points of view not only allows us to constantly improve our production but also to build solid relationships with them by providing information on product safety.

Kids Collection – Benetton e Undercolors


All Benetton Group products are safe.

Dress Safely is a commitment to transparent information for those who choose Benetton Group’s products, and it all starts with consumers who require the highest level of protection: children.

Alongside the Ecosafe brand, the Benetton Group wanted to provide an additional quality guarantee for all products from kids lines: United Colors of Benetton, Sisley Young and Undercolors of Benetton.


The Benetton Group has voluntarily subjected itself to an external review to monitor the substances and materials used in the creation of its products.


Adult Collection – Undercolors


Starting with the Autumn Winter 2015 Collection, the adult Undercolors of Benetton line will also have the Dress Safely label.